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Drawings/ Illustrations

A few examples of my initial drawings and illustrations from past projects before they have been composed in to patterns. 

The Endangered & The Exotic (Final Major Project) 

For my Final Major Project at University I explored the concept of ‘The Endangered and The Exotic’ where I intended to shed light on the beauty of flora and fauna deemed as rare, near extinction or of a tropical nature. I wanted to bring awareness to the beauty of these animals and plants which we often take for granted. My aim was to create a final collection which would decorate homes with surface designs celebrating all things tropical and rare, by bringing the outdoors in. By encouraging this kind of habitat and aesthetic into the home in a decorative way, I hoped to highlight the important impact the natural world has on us. I also wanted to demonstrate that if we are willing to bring the endangered and the exotic into our homes and use it to decorate our lives and bring us joy, then there is no reason why it should not be allowed to exist outdoors, and thus be saved from extinction.

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